Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fall 2014 Sneak Peek

Soo I know I've been MIA....my bad. In my defense, school has taken over my life, and in 3 weeks I get it back (thank goodness!). Even as I type, I'm sitting in class...listening to my professor drone my time away.

It's a sad situation.

But nevermind all that, Fall 2014 has made an appearance!

VeraObsessed has graciously shared the wealth with these pics of the new colors! Meet:

African Violet

Ink Blue

Moon Bloom

Ziggy Zinnia

Soooo I'm really into Moon Bloom and African Violet! They're different, like a breath of fresh air. I was honestly getting a little overwhelmed with seeing paisley prints every season.


Enough already. I like some of them....but we need a break. Just sayin.

Also, when I first saw these new prints, I instantly recognized Ziggy Zinnia and African Violet from survey pics that popped up last May (I posted about them here and here). Both posts are about two different surveys.

African Violet was then known as "#10" and I wrote:
"...are pretty florals, but nothing to go crazy over."
At the time I couldn't really appreciate the different elements of the pattern. I didn't notice the cheetah spots in the background either. This pattern kind of blended in with the other 7 floral patterns in the survey. Oops.

Ziggy Zinnia was a part of the second set of survey pics. Some people actually thought they were phony...guess not! It was known then as "#1" and I wrote:
"It's different...a little OD on the neon green."
 I stand by that. I don't really like this one. even the chevron in the background can't make me like this print. The colors hurt my eyes...they came from the same color palette as Tutti Frutti...and I hate that print.

Looking at the old survey prints, I spotted something else...we have seen Moon Bloom before as well!!!!

The colors are different, but the pattern is the same! they tried to sneak one by me...ha! This was in the first set, known then as "#16", and I said:
#16 makes me think of pop art, the outlines, the bright colors, etc.. I think I like it...but I probably won't want to buy it on anything.
They changed the bright colors and calmed them down to a nice pink, green, and white scheme. I'm loving it! Here's a closer look at the changes:

 I felt like I won something when I realized that...I'm such a clown lol.

The only newbie of the bunch is Ink Blue. I like that one too. Very mosaic-like, and very different that things we've seen lately.

What do you all think of the new Fall 2014 colors?


  1. Was in my local Vera store... where I'm greeted like Norm on Cheers.... so they showed me "the book"-- and a color you aren't showing is a pink and orange version of Heather called Pink Paisley. It will be the new Breast Cancer color and will come out along with African Violet and Ziggy Zinnia. The other two you show will come out later... August, I think.

    1. Oh wow, I totally forgot about that one, it's a Heather hybrid, right? I meant to talk about it a while ago but I've been sidetracked. Thanks!!!