Thursday, August 22, 2013

Poshmark Rules!

A few months ago I joined a Vera Bradley deals group on Facebook, and the leader of the group started posting deals from an app called Poshmark. After some investigating, I found that this is the BEST THING EVER!!!!!

You can literally shop in other people's closets nationwide. And a LOT of people have some good Vera in their closets. They sell their thing for a variety of reasons; they could be moving and need to lighten their load, or they just want to make room in tier closets. 

Whatever, all that matters is they are selling their stuff and I LIKE STUFF OKAY!

So I would see some good deals here and there, but I wouldn't get the urge to just buy, you know? Until last week that is...I saw this:

Do you see $78 crossed out? That's how much this bag originally cost. 
Do you see the $18? That's how much I paid for it. 

Who won?

I did. I SO did!

The bag is a retired style called the Super Tote (I can see why they named it that), the print is a 2008 retired print called Yellow Bird. What's was really great was my underestimation of the size of this bag. I received it yesterday and it was much bigger than I expected, which is greattttt!

It's HUGE and I love it...and I paid under $20!!! I can definitely use it as a work/grad school bag (working on finishing my MLIS finally! Librarians rule!)

So I'm so in love with this bag that I'm scoping out my next purchase, another vintage Vera that I'll post if I get it. 

As the folks at Vera say... be colorful!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Suddenly Summer..

Guess who's back!!!!

So I've been super busy working instead of enjoying my summer vacation, but now things are starting to wind down and I can finally catch up on my Vera love

First thing's first: upcoming promos!

  • Theres a Lunch Bag/Water Bottle for $36 promo going on until the 25th of August
  • The RETIREMENT SALE of Canyon, English Rose, Dogwood, Suzani, and Island Blooms is supposed to start the 29th of August, BUT I went into my Vera Store this past weekend and the sale started for them already. I picked up a lovely Canyon tote ^_^
And for the rest of the year (so far)...
  • September 19 - Fall Fashion and Baby Release: Olivia Pink (AAAHHHH), Bittersweet, Canterberry Cobalt - Colorblock, Perfectly Puffy, Double-Take,  Jewelry, Vera Vera, Paper and Gifts, and Sunglasses
  • November 7 - Winter Launch: Canterberry Magenta and Venetian Paisley, plus Holiday Gifts, Shimmer, Pets, Colorblock, Perfectly Puffy, Faux Leather Trim, Double-Take, Vera Vera, and Paper and Gift styles
  • And as for La Neon Rose: Apparently it's a limited release, so it's anybody's guess right now.
SPEAKING OF OLIVIA PINK........I finally got to TOUCH it this weekend, and I almost diedddddd
IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't WAIT for the fall release, I plan on getting a new Vera tote, and I think we ALL know what print it's going to be in....

I'm still working on getting my Heather bedding, it's been setback central over her in Casa de Shay, so it's something that I'll keep in my dreams until I can afford it lol.


SO we already knew about Just Mousing Around and Midnight with Mickey, I can't wait till they're available online in October, they look so darn cute!

but WAIT! Is there another print sneaking around?!?! Or dare I say....PrintS with an S ohmygoodnesssssss!
That VeraObsessed, how I LOVE HER because what IS THIS:

THIS people is a Disney Mickey/Lola HYBRID AND I'M EXCITED BECAUSE WHAT ELSE ARE THEY HIDING AT THE HOUSE OF MOUSE?! I don't like Lola, I think the colors are wrong together, but I LIKE THIS LOLA! The blues and greens work great with each other, supposedly it's to be released in December with some holiday gift promos or something, whatever I'm HYPED lol.

So that's it for now, I know I have LOADS more to catch up on but this is it for now.