Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Prints from Another Survey

So I'm browsing Tumblr and I come across someone who also had a survey and got some different prints...

 Soooo I don't know about YOU guys but I'm loving these more than the first group!

#1 is different, a little OD on the neon green...
#2 is simple and very pretty.
#3 I LOVE, I think it's the cutout stroke around the flowers that do it, like they're stickers!
#4 I ALSO LOVE! Olive green is one of my fave colors and I'd die if that were a chosen print!
#5 is another artsy one, it's flowers that aren't shaped like flowers. Kinda cute, good for a Kindergarten or children's Art teacher!
#6 reminds me of Very Berry Paisley...but it's not...

Anyone else get different colors on their survey? (And how can I get down with these surveys?!?!?!)

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