Saturday, February 23, 2013

Closet Update!

Yesterday the Retirement Sale started for:

25% off!!!

Now I live for a sale, so OF COURSE I went to my Vera store in Roosevelt Field.


Side Note:

I've been there so often recently it's like coming home, especially with the service and treatment I get there. The ladies are so sweet and accommodating, and they always give me a heads up each visit. Last month they informed me about the upcoming luggage in Plum Crazy, and this visit I was informed that ANOTHER OUTLET is opening in Riverhead.


I haven't been able to make it up to the Woodbury Commons outlet upstate, but that's because I just don't like traveling in that direction. Going upstate is always such a hassle with traffic and tolls. Riverhead is kind of far too (it's practically the Hamptons, which is faaarrrrr), but there won't be toll and traffic isn't as bad. 

ANYWHO, so I get there and I'm on a mission for a tote. I've been going nuts with prints with purple in them but lately I've tried to step out of my box. Last week I got my Camellia and Island Bloom wristlets, but this time I'm getting bigger. I spot the Ellie Blue tote and I'm in LOVE.

It goes so well with my jeans and I know I can put it to work this spring! As I continued searching, I spoke with a saleswoman about a Doodle Daisy duffel bag for my little sister. She does ballet and her bag is a little worn out, and I've kind of created a mini monster because she's an official citizen of Vera Land too. She LOVES this stuff (but how can you not?!). My mom wanted to price it for our next visit. Nothing major.

As I'm checking out my purchase, the saleswoman threw in a Doodle Daisy Pencil and Brush case for my sister. HOW NICE!

She was TOO excited!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vera is expecting...

So FINALLY Vera has released some official pics of their baby line on their Pinterest board of all places lol.

The stuff is cute and I am excited to see the Spring/Summer baby showers these thins make appearances at!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fall Preview 2013

Earlier this week, the awesome Oh My Vera posted the possible Fall 2013 colors she got from taking a suurvey (where the heck are these surveys and how can I get down?!?!)

Aaaaaand this morning the lovely VeraObsessed posted this:

From what I can see, I believe the colors and styles are (l-r: La Neon Rose (Vera tote), Heather ( Tote), Cocoa Moss (Large Cosmetic), Bittersweet (Zip Around Wallet), Olivia Pink (Backpack), and at the top I can make out a La Neon Rose Smartphone Wristlet , a Lola Kiss and Lock wallet, a Bittersweet wristlet, and a Lola (Hipster).


So I see there are 6 prints that are visible, but I'm a Newbie to the Land of Vera, and I'm a little confused...

Fron Oh My Vera's post, I see 9 prints that were given names, so does that mean there will be 9 fall colors? Or just the 6 in the picture? OR is this like a trial where the more popular ones in the store preview get picked? Somebody helppppp!

In any case, I already love Olivia Pink, so I hope its one of the ones chosen (if that's what happening)...I've got big plans for that print, it has my two favorite colors together, an earthy GREEN and a pretty PINK.


Update @7:16pm
If you guys want to see more close up shots of the prints, head over to A Very Vera World and enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Babies in Vera Land!!!!

Babies are cute.


So how awesome is VB for making baby stuffs?!?! Last week, Oh My Vera had posted some ca-yute baby clothes and accessories, and I DIIIIIEEEEEDDDDDDD from the adorable-ness! (See them here and here)

Can you imagine? Cute little baby booties and onsies with Vera print all over them?
(check out A Very Vera World for more of these!)

How about new accessories like bottle caddies, pacifier pods, and changing pads?
(Thanksssss VeraObsessed!!!!)

AAAAANNNNDDDDD they're all in the new Summer 2013 prints!!!!!!!


Lordy, this almost makes me want to have my own baby...maybe I can start collecting for the future? :-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring Break Plans with Vera Part II

I went online this morning to check out the $20.00 wallet sale they've got going on, and I immediately began to squee aloud.


Because I saw this:


Vera Bradley has released their beach swag and I'm salivating over here! The Spring Break set includes:

  • Large Mesh Tote Bag
  • Small Mesh Tote Bag
  • Beach Towel (33'' x 66'' )
  • Sarong
  • Flip Flops
  • Straw Visor
  • Tote Around Keychain (CUTE ^_^)

NOW initially I had my doubts about Jazzy Blooms, I wasn't too crazy about it. But seeing it on the beach towel is what did it for me. I was sold. These things are PERFECT for my Bermuda trip next month!!!



Sadly, Midnight Blues is only available on the Beach Towel, Flip Flops, and the keychain. I had planned on having Midnight Blues as my beach pattern, so that sucks. But luckily I fell in love with Jazzy Blooms before I realized this.

Either way, I win!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring Break Plans with Vera Part I

So on my last visit to the VB Store at Roosevelt Field, I was griping about my lack of pretty luggage and how I wish VB sold some in more prints other than Suzani (lovely print, but not my thing). My lovely saleswoman informed me that VB would be releasing some new luggage in Plum Crazy (my new obsession print)

My mouth hit the floor!
Like that. See?
It's like they went through my dreams and pulled out the ones tagged #vera! Ha! I love it!

Earlier this week, the wonderful VeraObsessed treated us to some lovely pics to the magic that is their 2013 Luggage Collection.

all credits go to VeraObsessed (thanks gal!)

Can I just say that they are WELL WORTH the $200-$400 price range they're most likely going to be in? I'll save, buy piece by piece, get a second job, whatever I have to do to get my hands on them! So as you can see, the set includes:
  • 27'' Spinner 
  • 22'' Spinner
  • Rolling Duffel
  • Roll Along Work Bag
She didn't post any Upright Suitcases so I don't know if they'll have those available or not. I also don't know if they'll have them available in all the new Spring 2012 prints or not, but they picked my dream pattern for the preview images, and that's all I REALLY want to know!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vera Bradley is retiring WHAT?????

So I'm checking out VeraObsessed on Facebook, and i come across something DISTURBING.

VeraObsessed has been posting up the upcoming promos for the spring, and one of the May events is a Retirement Sale on the 23rd. For what prints? Brace yourselves:

Baroque (Winter 2010) - Summer Cottage (Summer 2012)
Limes Up (Summer 2012)

and surprisingly....


I can understand prints that have been out for over 2 years or even over 2 seasons, but Paisley Meets Plaid and Portobello Road have only just come out. The new spring colors were released last month, meaning the Fall 2012 colors have been around for only a few months.


I'm not a fan of PMP, but I still think it deserves more time. And as for Portobello Road, let's just say that if I could marry a print, it would be that one! It's my first Vera print, I can't let her go down like this!!

I'm just going to have to try and stock up while I can :-(