Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Breast Cancer Blunder

Many thanks to FinleytheWestie, I TOTALLY forgot to talk about the Breast Cancer Foundation print situation that was going down a while ago.


As we all know, Vera Bradley has a selects a pattern that will represent their Breast Cancer Foundation. A portion of the purchase of anything in that print will go to breast cancer research. They've had 11 prints represent the cause so far, Pink Elephants being used twice as it was resurrected this past November.

So for a little while, it was believed that the new BCF print was going to be Petal Paisley, it made sense since the color scheme was exactly the same as Ribbons, just bigger emphasis on the played down colors of Ribbon (less blue, more green).

HOWEVER....that wasn't the case. Petal Paisley was released with no additional fanfare (*snort* get it? Fanfare? I crack myself up), and we were all wondering what the dealio was.

Around this time, a slew of talks about hybrids started popping up, and the focus was more on the Disney hybrids of Mickey's Hidden Petals (Flower Shower hybrid) and Bouncing Bouquet (Clementine hybrid) .

But wait a minute! Why are you talking about hybrids when the original topic was breast cancer awareness prints????

Well, I'm talking about hybrids because that what the new print is. As a result of the hooplah over the other prints, the true BCF print was a little overshadowed (at least in my opinion). Well.....here it is:


This print is a pink version of Heather. So not a total hybrid, more of a re-coloration of a former print. Not a new technique on VB's part, but a good one. I am sooooo feeling this print! Supposedly this is coming out when the first batch of fall colors are released in a few weeks....

So, who's feeling the new print?!?!


  1. I love the Heather print but I'm not going to buy Pink Swirls in the Fall; more of a Spring color in my wardrobe. Perhaps I'll consider it in Spring 2015 depending on what else VB offers then--and if they haven't retired it!

  2. Yuck to all three! Too teeny bopper.