Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby on board!

I'm currently sitting on a bus on the way to grad school, and I felt the need to randomly update before I'm bogged down with work. This is my first post from my phone, so let's see how this goes. I can't add my tags yet, I'll add them later.

I think I've posted a lot this month...October is turning out to be crazy as hell, in both good and bad ways. Here's some good for ya:

So a few posts ago I threw out into the universe that the powers-at-be in Veraland might be wrapping up the baby line. I figured since they were retiring Lola and Lilli Bell, which are two out of the three prints on the line. WELLLLLL I like to be wrong in this case!

As always my Vera-godmother Veraobsessed dropped one on me and I am loving this:

Do you see?! Not only are there baby clothes in Clementine and it looks like Flutterby, but I SEE BABY BOY CLOTHES! 

My feels! I can't contain them!
 photo feels_zps16def63e.gif

Yes, from what it looks like, they are launching a line for boys! I'm thinking that it's in Venetian Paisley, I'm making out the blue and white chevron from the interior print it comes in. But VeraObsessed thinks it's Blue Bayou since the other colors are Spring 2014 colors as well, which makes sense. Score for them, because there are some citizens of Veraland that have baby boys, it's time for all babies to be dressed in Vera equally!

Also a cute surprise: the bottom rack has some SWIMSUITS on there!!! OMG I can't! Can you imagine cute little legs running on the beach with a Vera swimmie on?! I die! This is making me want one of my friends to hurry up and have a baby already (because I'm not lol)!!

So there is some hope for the new items replacing the retired stuff. They've gotten a couple brownie points since the retirement bomb dropped on us, here's to hoping that there is more good stuff up their sleeves!

Sidebar: *waves* to my visitors from Facebook! Thanks to VeraObsessed for sending you guys my way! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Out with the old, In with the New

So my last post I was a little manic. Sorry not sorry. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who was pissed, quite a few people feel that it's getting a bit crazy. Plus, every other day is a discount, sale, or huge coupon in my mail! I'll never complain about a coupon, but they sure send them at the wrong times for me! I just paid rent!

But anywhoo, now that a few days have passed and I've calmed a little, I'm trying to see the silver lining in all of this: new items! I wasn't too excited about this at first. I was VERY skeptical because they were taking things I LOVE off of the line, my faves wouldn't come out in new prints and that made me grrrrrrrr....until my Vera-Godmother VeraObsessed (via Donna) shared this with me:


Guys, you all KNOW how much I love Olivia Pink, so of COURSE I'm sold on this! This is just one of the new winter items to be released on November 7. It's a Gym Bag and it's making me forget why I was missing the Small Duffel. I LOVE the addition of pockets outside and netted pockets inside. So convenient!

Here are some of the other items set to be released:


I see slippers, I see PJs, I see a cute little jewelry box that is just waiting for my things! This stuff is niceeeee!! A few things are replacements for the styles that have been or will be retired. The Turn Lock Satchel is the new Bowler, the Small Gym Bag is the new Small Duffel, and the Pleated Tote has come back from the dead... it's ALL good!

This isn't all of them, all I can say is that there are enough things coming out that have me seeing a little less red, and will have me hoping for more green to buy this stuff...unless they decide to retire this stuff next season or something (I kid, I kid).

Gah those slippers look so comfy! Like my feet will feel like they're walking on clouds! As usual, I'm hoping EVERYTHING comes in Olivia Pink. Especially the PJs and slippers!

OOO and how could I forget about the stuff for home?!?!

Good lord there are APRONS, RECIPE BOOKS, AND TOWELS WITH CUTE LITTLE DESSERTS ON THEM! How adorable are these?!?!

Now my kitchen is red, white, and black, so as much as I would love to have an Olivia Pink kitchen, it's just not in the cards....but that's what Bittersweet is for! I see it on the table in the pic so I'm hoping that it comes in the apron and towels as well.

Also coming out soon are the holiday items! I know there are robes (soft, fluffy and plush ones), The Radko Ornament (cutest Santa holding a Venetian Paisley bag...but it's limited, only 750 exist so get it while you can!), and they're bringing Pink Elephants back for this November 21st release, maybe only for the Holiday gifts?

Looks like Vera-Land citizens will be spending a lot this Christmas!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Going Retirement Crazy...

So VeraObsessed let us in on some 411 that is really shocking. Apparently the folks at Vera are bringing back as well as creating new styles, because they are retiring a whole LOTTA stuff! A few things aren't shocking because they've had a long rack life, but SOME of these things are either BRAND SPANKING NEW or are STAPLES in my and other women's lives (Warning: I will rant at the bottom, and I may curse. You have been forewarned...)

Styles retiring soon:
100 Handbag
Mom's Day Out
Two Way Tote
Grand Tote (WHAT?!?!)
Double Zip Backpack
Ereader Sleeve
Laptop Sleeve
Strap Wallet
Jewelry Folio
Square Ribbon Board
Baby Dish Set

Styles set to retire in Spring 2014:
Convertible Crossbody
All In One Wristlet
MILLER BAG (Holyf**kings**t IS YOU CRAZY?!)
Zip Around Wallet
Small Duffel (*crying*)
Garment Bag
Medium Hanging Ornament
Little Flap Hipster
Checkbook Cover
All in One Crossbody
Mirror Cosmetic


To make things even more cray cray, they are planning to retire the following prints:

Even nuttier...this morning I woke up to a freaking 70% OFF SALE ON VERABRADLEY.COM

WTF it's like they have gone nuts! They are giving shit away like it's set to self destruct in 5 minutes. I feel like they're not even giving some styles a chance! For goodness sakes Cocoa MossLola, and La Neon Rose just came out this season. I know La Neon Rose was supposed to be limited, but come on! I don't even like Lola but I know people who do....this sucks for them.

Baroque, Indigo Pop, and Va Va Bloom have been around for at least a year, so I'm not so shocked, but styles that came out in as many months as I have fingers on one hand...come on guys....

It looks like they're wrapping up the baby line too, both baby prints (Lola and Lilli Bell) are retiring next year. They're keeping Tutti Frutti but are retiring Sun Valley...WTAF, if they're going to retire anything out of that whole line, retire THAT! I love Sun Valley so I'm a little shocked at this....

...but not as shocked as them retiring the freaking MILLER, GRAND TOTE, SMALL DUFFEL, and MESSENGER BAG! Why?!?! I could tell that the Miller was always a nice go-to bag. I don't own one, but my co-workers sure do and to say they were not amused was an understatement. The Grand Tote is a GREAT overnight bag, as is the Small Duffel, which is also a good gym bag. I LOVE my Messenger, it holds my life together when I'm commuting to school and running for the bus to go home. These styles are so practical that they BETTER have something to knock my damn socks off to replace them. I'm DEFINITELY buying some shit before they retire.

I don't know guys, what do you think? Are you excited for new styles (I'll talk about those later)? Are you upset about some of the items on the chopping block?