Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring 2014 is here!

So last Thursday, the Spring 2014 items were released...

...and I died at all the cute stuff!

I've been trying not to stalk the site because I'm holding onto my sanity until my bday shopping spree next week (FYI I'm going CRAY CRAY with my order!), on top of using my Birthday discount at my Sig store.

Me on the inside.
I'm having difficulty deciding what I want to buy when I get there, and it sucks. I of course want a Vera tote and a lunch tote, since I tend to get them as a set. But what color do I get?? I adore Blue Bayou, and Clementine...and Julep Tulip! See my dilemma?! I also want to venture out into other styles. I have tons of Vera totes and Tote-totes (ha), but I want to try out a Glenna, a crossbody or one of those new totes; that Bucket tote and the Curvy tote look reeeeeally cute... I also need a new messenger bag or backpack because it's back to grad school in 2 week (just one more semester after this God willing!).

*sigh*...decisions, decisions.

I know for sure what I'm ordering off the site. My online cart is NO JOKE. It's been ready for WEEKS. Fully prepared to spend this money and giving zero fucks...cause it's my birthday month y'all!

Now, onto something a little fantastic...

today I found out about Julep Tulip Black and HOLYFUCKINGSHITIAMDEAD.
What in the blue hell? HOW in the blue hell did I miss THIS?!:


So I guess in my attempt to behave myself, I missed this one! A Julep Tulip hybriddddddddd! I must have one! And now I have so many questions!!! Are they making bags in this? If so, which ones? When will they be available?? I NEED ANSWERSSSSSS!

I just about dropped when I caught wind of this via VeraObsessed's insta. I wonder what other tricks Vera has up their sleeve this year. Theres no swatch of this obviously but I decided to play around and make a pretend one. 

How'd I do?
And apparently I've been spelling Julep Tulip WRONG this whole

So I'll probably pop back in a few days to share the spoils of my treasure hunt at my Sig store.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Upcoming Promos - January

My love VeraObsessed blessed me with the upcoming promo dates for this month (love ya!)

January 9th
Spring 2014 Launch
Introducing 3 new colors in addition to the previously previewed Clementine: 
Blue Bayou, Citron, and Julep Tulip. 

January 9th-11th
Vera Bradley “Tech Case” Promo
FREE Vera Bradley Tech Case with a $65 or more regular price Vera Bradley purchase. 

 January 9th-11th
Vera Bradley “Handbag Exchange” 
Receive 20% OFF a New Vera Bradley Handbag or Tote when you trade in a gently used handbag from any manufacturer to be donated to charity. 

January 16th-22nd
Vera Bradley Mirror Cosmetic Promotion
Receive a FREE Mirror Cosmetic ($28) with a $100 or more regular price Vera Bradley purchase. 

January 30th
Vera Bradley Sweetheart Coin Purse Promotion
Receive a Sweetheart Coin purse for the special price of $18 while supplies last through Feb 14th. 
(Regular price is $28) 

You can also sneak a peek at my  "Upcoming Promos" sidebar on the left for the deets!

Preview Time - Clementine

Sooo yes Vera already previewed this print last month, but I never went into detail about...

I love Clementine. I really do. It's the perfect spring print! It has flowers, pinks, purples, yellows and greens; all things that spring is all about! It's put together in a way that is not overwhelming, just beautiful! This is what spring looks like!

I love the interior print; it has this snake skin quality to it, but it looks hand drawn with crayon or colored pencils. Just GORGEOUS!

Oh! Just looking at this make me want a glass of lemonade on my momma's porch...but since the temp outside is in the low 30's, I'll have to wait until spring actually gets here for that! Hopefully when that time comes, I'll be able to have an ensemble like this:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preview Time - Julep Tulip

Today we got a Closer Look at what may be my new favorite....

My body is ready for Julep Tulip!

SOOOOOOOOO yea I am in LURVE with this print! Seeing it enlarged, I love everything about it; both interior and exterior prnts, the color scheme, the designs, the  little intricate features that are just fab!

Where do I begin?

Well, for one you all know I'm a girlie girl. I love pinks and purples and their variant shades. So of COURSE I'm going to go bananas over the purple (well Vera says violet) and magenta! However the star in this print is that green! And not just any green...a natural, earthy grass green that I LOVE!


This print SCREAMS Spring, right?! It reminds me of a pretty bouquet, or a field of....wait for it...TULIPS! (see what I did there ahahaha?!)

So I definitely plan on picking up some items in this print. You see guys?! THIS is why January is the BEST MONTH EVER (aside from it being the month I was born hehe!), we always get blessed with fab spring colors from Vera! Here's an ensemble I actually plan on wearing this month...
Can I just say that I love the Neoprene Laptop case having the interior print! Cuteness!!!!!!!

So tomorrow I will talk about Clementine! Yes, I know it was previewed last month...but I wanted to discuss the Spring colors as a group, so I waited. 

See you all then, fellow citizens!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Preview Time - Citron

Today, Vera gave us a closer look at Blue Bayou's fraternal twin...

Citron!: this print has grown on me over the last month or so. I like it, it's neutral...but it's not. Does that make sense? Probably not...but you know what I'm talking about.

It's amazing how you can take the same print, re-color it, and the result has a totally different personality. Blue Bayou is just bold, bright, and playful all over. Citron is calmer and muted, with a just a pop of boldness.

When I first saw the swatch months ago, I had no clue what these colors were except for the white and black. The background print looked brown, then gray, then I settled on khaki as the color. Then the florescent color reminded me of a hi-liter, so I figured it was yellow....well I was wrong-o.

VB classified the colors as bold green and neutral gray...I guess so. Looking at it blown up, I can see a slight difference between the "kiwi" green and the green on the petals. And that gray still looks brown to me.

As soon as I saw it today, I immediately thought of going to the gym! The yellow/green reminds me of some workout clothes I own, and I just LOVE it on the new gym bag!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Preview Time - Blue Bayou

Vera has begun previewing the spring colors on their Inside Stitch blog! *squeee*

First color up: Blue Bayou!

Aaaaaahhhhh look at it! I have never been in love with BLUE so much! It's so vibrant and bold and! How can anyone not like this?!?!

The interior print is a petal-like chevron that reminds me of the water I swam in while on vacay St. Lucia many moons ago (I need to go back!). 

What really brings the blue out is that white floral print, man! You absolutely must keep this print away from dirt or dust, that white is what makes it werk!

Here's a cute little outfit I pieced together with some of the items previewed on