Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New survey, MORE prints...

So the awesome VeraObsessed pointed us in the direction of A Very Vera World last night to give us the hook up with some new survey prints! (Love ya!)

Check out the full sizes here


So theres a lot going on here. Again there are a buttload of choices here. Some I love and can totally see myself wearing (#7 and #14), and others....not so much (#12 FOR SURE). Here my take on them:

#1 and #11 are similar; black backgrounds, a mirror image graphic, pastel colors, good for a bag that  you could commute with.

update 5/22/13: aaaaand I'm just noticing the roosters on #11...roosters are good for kitchens, NOT handbags.

#12 tries to pull that off and just comes off looking scary. For some reason it looks like a salad to me.

#7 is a good print to wear with some faded jeans on a chill day, and along with #2 and #6, they have this grey faded look that just relaxes me. Very flower childish.I love how #7 is a paisley made out of flowers, very cool.

#3 and #4 are not really my cups of tea...its a mix of paisley and fans and it's just too much for me.

 #5, #9, #10, and #13 are pretty florals, but nothing to go crazy over

...except #9...I take it back it's cute...

No real comment on #8...

#14 reminds me of Composition with Red Blue and Yellow by Piet Mondrian

#15 reminds me of the EPA logo...but I still like the print.

#16 makes me think of pop art, the outlines, the bright colors, etc.. I think I like it...but I probably won't want to buy it on anything.

Yea, theres a LOT of pink, which I normally would love, but for some reason I'm not into it with some of these prints. Some of them hurt my eyes. Honestly very few of them I would buy on a piece of merchandise. However, I always say that when these things come out like this. So I'm going to wait until I see them on some bags and wallets before I make my final call.

Side Note: Where the HECK is Olivia Pink?!?! Waaaahhhhhhh


  1. I absolutely love your commentary on all the prints!! Thanks for sharing :)