Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preview Time - Julep Tulip

Today we got a Closer Look at what may be my new favorite....

My body is ready for Julep Tulip!

SOOOOOOOOO yea I am in LURVE with this print! Seeing it enlarged, I love everything about it; both interior and exterior prnts, the color scheme, the designs, the  little intricate features that are just fab!

Where do I begin?

Well, for one you all know I'm a girlie girl. I love pinks and purples and their variant shades. So of COURSE I'm going to go bananas over the purple (well Vera says violet) and magenta! However the star in this print is that green! And not just any green...a natural, earthy grass green that I LOVE!


This print SCREAMS Spring, right?! It reminds me of a pretty bouquet, or a field of....wait for it...TULIPS! (see what I did there ahahaha?!)

So I definitely plan on picking up some items in this print. You see guys?! THIS is why January is the BEST MONTH EVER (aside from it being the month I was born hehe!), we always get blessed with fab spring colors from Vera! Here's an ensemble I actually plan on wearing this month...
Can I just say that I love the Neoprene Laptop case having the interior print! Cuteness!!!!!!!

So tomorrow I will talk about Clementine! Yes, I know it was previewed last month...but I wanted to discuss the Spring colors as a group, so I waited. 

See you all then, fellow citizens!

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