Friday, January 3, 2014

Preview Time - Citron

Today, Vera gave us a closer look at Blue Bayou's fraternal twin...

Citron!: this print has grown on me over the last month or so. I like it, it's neutral...but it's not. Does that make sense? Probably not...but you know what I'm talking about.

It's amazing how you can take the same print, re-color it, and the result has a totally different personality. Blue Bayou is just bold, bright, and playful all over. Citron is calmer and muted, with a just a pop of boldness.

When I first saw the swatch months ago, I had no clue what these colors were except for the white and black. The background print looked brown, then gray, then I settled on khaki as the color. Then the florescent color reminded me of a hi-liter, so I figured it was yellow....well I was wrong-o.

VB classified the colors as bold green and neutral gray...I guess so. Looking at it blown up, I can see a slight difference between the "kiwi" green and the green on the petals. And that gray still looks brown to me.

As soon as I saw it today, I immediately thought of going to the gym! The yellow/green reminds me of some workout clothes I own, and I just LOVE it on the new gym bag!


  1. I'm starting to like this one more and more too. Oh man, I'm going to be so dang broke! (my husband has already "banned" me from bringing any more VB bags into the house.. um. nice try honey.). BTW- do you have one of those sport duffles? It not perfect, but I LOVE how it looks. I'm excited to see the new weekend duffel that matches it in person too.

    1. HA! Silly hubby...doesn't he know he can't keep a gal from her Vera?! No, I don't have a sport duffle yet, but my birthday is in a few weeks and I'm planning a Vera spree as a gift to myself...definitely have a sport duffle on the list!