Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winter 2013 Preview

*peeks in*

Hello All!

Life's been kinda crazy the past month, I'm moving into my own first apartment, so I've been 100% focused on that. HOWEVER, thanks to A Very Vera World and VeraObsessed, I did happen to see that there was an in store preview for the new Winter 2013 prints.

Canterberry Magenta, Canterberry Cobalt, and Venetian Paisley

First, I'd just like to say that unless I've missed something, there are still 3 other patterns floating about the universe with no release date (again, please correct me if I'm wrong, I want those prints to come out!)

Second, since the confusion started last month, I didn't really give my take on these new prints. I have to say that I'm not totally blown away. The Canterberry prints are nice, I could see them being good for a work bag, you can kind of match the Cobalt one with a lot of things. They actually remind be of Baroque with the black, white, gray patter with a little pop of color.

Now on to this Venetian Paisley....although that paisley design is growing on me (slowly), I am not fond of these colors mixed in. Its like an inverted version of Tutti Frutti, and I don't like that print unless it's on cute little baby booties.

I do love the interior of the bags though, especially Venetian Paisley's. I would definitely rock it inside out with no shame.

Again, not blown away. I'm still in love with older prints, and they're NOT trying to give me my Olivia Pink, so no New Print <3 for this....for now.

The next Vera item I'm looking to purchase will be bedding for my apartment, I'm plotting hard on that Heather set ^_^ hopefully I get some cute Vera housewarming gifts!

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