Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vera for my Mommy!

So yesterday was my mom's birthday. For the last few years there was always something holding my brother and I back from getting her a really cool gift, something she wanted or needed; bills, some medical crisis, etc.. However this year, we were finally able to do it, and I knew just what I wanted for her.

She made it no secret that she wanted a Kindle Fire, especially since I had gotten one for christmas. That was easy to score, and took care of the gift she wanted.

Then there was the gift she needed. My mom always puts herself last when it comes to luxuries, especially with clothing and accessories. She has a ton of bags, but she will rock them one at a time until the wheels (or straps in this case) literally fall off. Half of them aren't really durable either. Since I started my Vera collection, shes always admired them and I knew she wanted a bag, but she would never get one on her own. On top of that, she had been searching her house for an extra lunch bag for work because she lost hers.

Hmmm, she needs a bag that is lightweight, durable, and pretty at the same time. DUH! I knew I had to get her some Vera!

My mom LOVES the color red, so I knew Deco Daisy was the print for her. How lucky for me that Vera had a 50% off sale on that very print last week! Since we ordered it so close to her big day, it's still in the mail, but we included this little card I created in her birthday card along with the kindle...
Siblings names are blurred,
 but I'm sure no one really cared lol
She cried, I cried, then we ate cake!

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