Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sleeping with Vera (not that way...perv!)

Earlier today, the lovely VeraObsessed posted this and I died twice...


SO yea I just died. Again.
These photos are from I guess a Vera retailer in Indiana called Michele's Boutique. They posted this pics on their facebook page, and it's just beautiful ^_^

I'm not sure how many prints will be included in the bedding release. I love both prints shown. This actually makes me like Heather, I wasn't too crazy about it at first but the colors really go together on the bedding.  I'm thinking there might be one more print, since the last time they had bedding there were 3 prints. Most likely one from the summer prints since they have a Spring and Fall print already.

I'm moving into a new apt in June, and WHAT BETTER TIME for them to make some new bedding huh?!?!?!

(even though Olivia Pink is ONCE AGAIN not being shown. I'm still a little sad about this obvi.)

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  1. I'm thinking patterns will be Cocoa Moss, Lola, Heather, Jazzy Blooms, and Midnight Blues :)