Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vera Land meets Disneyland!!!

SO I go on Facebook and I see a post from VeraObsessed that makes me drop dead!

Apparently the folks at the House of Mouse decided to take a trip to Vera Land and set up camp! There will be two ADDITIONAL prints this fall, both Disney inspired and just so darn pretteh!!!!

 So the names of the Vera-Disney lovechild prints are Just Mousing Around and Midnight with Mickey. In the pic above I can spot the Duffel and Hipster in Midnight with Mickey and the Vera tote and Cosmetic Bag in Just Mousing Around.
Left: Just Mousing Around - Right: Midnight with Mickey
Soooooo I'm in love with both, but I could definitely name Midnight with Mickey my fave of the two (which is surprising since I live for the color pink). The minute I started reading the article I freaked out from excitement, then I got mad because I figured I'd have to go to the damn Disney park in Orlando to get my hands on one of these (they're also available at Disneyland in Cali)

Then my rational side kicked in and told me to read on, and aside from eBay, I read that they would be available for online purchase at a later date (I hope "later" doesn't mean 2014 DEER GOD)

Which one is your favorite?!

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