Saturday, March 9, 2013


Pardon me, but there are MAJOR sales going on this weekend from Vera Bradley. Get ye asses to the nearest Vera store, Outlet, or boot up your computer and get on the website for heavens sake!!!!

As excited as I am, I was mad when I saw what was left in Night and Day online. I can see why though, it's a perfect neutral print.

I've already decided that where my money is going. I need a new Vera tote and Lunch Date. My Portabello Road Vera and Lunch Date are getting dirty, and even though I'm cleaning them I know they get dirty really fast (I work with kids. Kids attract dirt like nothing else) so I need a darker print. I'm thinking Very Berry Paisley is the one for me (this paisley thing is starting to grow on me a little. And I DO MEAN a little). But that's online only.

I also plan on going in store and getting a Camellia Tote and an Ellie Blue wristlet. Pray for my wallet, (and I might take pics who knows).

What are you going to do with these sales?!?!

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