Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lilli Bell Love (and Sun Valley's cool too)

SO last week Vera released their very cute Summer 2013 prints. I've been plotting on a few things for a while, but I wasn't sure if certain items would be in those prints...namely the Monogrammed Totes.

But as good news would have it, they did! And of COURSE Lilli Bell would be the one to have almost all my favorite colors on it!

Pinks, Greens, Whites. Cute flowers. MY NAME.
What else could a girl ask for??
The only thing about this print is that it's a white background print. Very light, easily dirtied and stained. That's why the Colorblock Tote works for me, because it's heavy on the Dark Pink, it won't get dirty as fast. Sure I can always wash it, but it's too much to want to get this print for a work bag (Remember, I work with kids). This can be an accessory print. The biggest I'll go with the full print is a regular Tote.

Some other things I've got my eye on in Lilli Bell are:
- Wristlet
- Tote
- iPhone 5 Frame Case
- Umbrella in
- Student Agenda
- Pencil Box
- Throw Blanket
- Square Ribbon Board

Now my second fave out of the summer colors is definitely Sun Valley. My sister asked me "Why? It's the total opposite of Lilli Bell! It's darker, and the print just looks heavy!" 


Sun Valley is perfect for an active summer. This year I might be an Overnight Summer Camp Counselor, and I'll need something that I won't have to worry about grass/mud/lake water stains (because lakes are just giant mud puddles, people). The Dark Blue and Deep Orange in this print are PERFECT for that. I can get a little rough with it and it can still look fab. I can have no problems commuting on the hot, sticky train or bus with it, and the children I may work with can get a little grabby with it without me wanting to maul their hands off because they're filthy from playing all day.

Some other things I've been scoping out in Sun Valley are:
- Hipster
- Wristlet
- Backpack
- Stay Cooler
- Small/Large Duffel

Any plans with Vera this summer?

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