Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreams of Jewelry

I swear VeraObsessed wants me to pass out from shock!

I swear she does!

So that lovely gal posted this on her FB page today and I'm surprised I am still conscious:
ALL Photo Credit: VeraObsesed (obvi :-P)


That's right, y'all! Vera is making new purty jewelry and cutesy summer keychains!

WHAT are they trying to DO TO ME?!?!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for charm bracelets. I had a Juicy Couture problem after college, and it took a while for me to get over it. However, this Bobble Charm Bracelet that I see in Lilli Bell is MINE ASAP do you hear me??? I have a Bangle in Portobello Road and I love it, so I can imagine how much I'll love a pretty pink charm bracelet!

From what I can see, all Summer 2013 colors as well as Plum Crazy and Ribbons will be featured in the jewelry. Since Plum Crazy is in there I'm assuming that maybe the rest of Spring 2013 will be featured too? I don't know anymore info about these pieces right now, but I will sure as heck update as I find out! I can't wait for these babies to come out, just the thought of having that bracelet slays me! I also wonder if they're going to make any necklaces or earrings. Oh the thought makes me dizzy with excitement!

How do you all feel about this?!?!


  1. Your blog cracks me up. I'm super excited about lots of stuff coming out - including (if I remember correctly) water tumblers with straws!

  2. OMGG YESSSSSSS Annie! I totally forgot about the tumblers, I can't WAIT for summer!! And thanks SO MUCH for the love <3