Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spring Break Plans with Vera Part I

So on my last visit to the VB Store at Roosevelt Field, I was griping about my lack of pretty luggage and how I wish VB sold some in more prints other than Suzani (lovely print, but not my thing). My lovely saleswoman informed me that VB would be releasing some new luggage in Plum Crazy (my new obsession print)

My mouth hit the floor!
Like that. See?
It's like they went through my dreams and pulled out the ones tagged #vera! Ha! I love it!

Earlier this week, the wonderful VeraObsessed treated us to some lovely pics to the magic that is their 2013 Luggage Collection.

all credits go to VeraObsessed (thanks gal!)

Can I just say that they are WELL WORTH the $200-$400 price range they're most likely going to be in? I'll save, buy piece by piece, get a second job, whatever I have to do to get my hands on them! So as you can see, the set includes:
  • 27'' Spinner 
  • 22'' Spinner
  • Rolling Duffel
  • Roll Along Work Bag
She didn't post any Upright Suitcases so I don't know if they'll have those available or not. I also don't know if they'll have them available in all the new Spring 2012 prints or not, but they picked my dream pattern for the preview images, and that's all I REALLY want to know!

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