Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fall Preview 2013

Earlier this week, the awesome Oh My Vera posted the possible Fall 2013 colors she got from taking a suurvey (where the heck are these surveys and how can I get down?!?!)

Aaaaaand this morning the lovely VeraObsessed posted this:

From what I can see, I believe the colors and styles are (l-r: La Neon Rose (Vera tote), Heather ( Tote), Cocoa Moss (Large Cosmetic), Bittersweet (Zip Around Wallet), Olivia Pink (Backpack), and at the top I can make out a La Neon Rose Smartphone Wristlet , a Lola Kiss and Lock wallet, a Bittersweet wristlet, and a Lola (Hipster).


So I see there are 6 prints that are visible, but I'm a Newbie to the Land of Vera, and I'm a little confused...

Fron Oh My Vera's post, I see 9 prints that were given names, so does that mean there will be 9 fall colors? Or just the 6 in the picture? OR is this like a trial where the more popular ones in the store preview get picked? Somebody helppppp!

In any case, I already love Olivia Pink, so I hope its one of the ones chosen (if that's what happening)...I've got big plans for that print, it has my two favorite colors together, an earthy GREEN and a pretty PINK.


Update @7:16pm
If you guys want to see more close up shots of the prints, head over to A Very Vera World and enjoy!!


  1. I love them all! Woot Woot! Oh and answering your question, I think the 9 fall colors were apart of the survey and from that, they narrowed it down to the 6. Hope I got that right lol

  2. They will split the 6 into to releases. Back to school and fall. This is just a guess, but I see Lola, Cocoa Moss, and La Neon Rose as B2S. I can see those as bedding, IF there even is bedding this time. Vera is always trying new things. -VeraObsessed

  3. Vanessa - Oooh I hope so, I'd cry if I didn't see Olivia Pink (and surprisingly Heather, as much as I dislike paisley!) in the future!

    Angela - I've never been around to see the B2S promotions, so that's something exciting to see! And oh em gee you said the magic word - BEDDING - I am wishing on a star for new bedding from Vera, that would be fantastc!!!