Friday, February 8, 2013

Spring Break Plans with Vera Part II

I went online this morning to check out the $20.00 wallet sale they've got going on, and I immediately began to squee aloud.


Because I saw this:


Vera Bradley has released their beach swag and I'm salivating over here! The Spring Break set includes:

  • Large Mesh Tote Bag
  • Small Mesh Tote Bag
  • Beach Towel (33'' x 66'' )
  • Sarong
  • Flip Flops
  • Straw Visor
  • Tote Around Keychain (CUTE ^_^)

NOW initially I had my doubts about Jazzy Blooms, I wasn't too crazy about it. But seeing it on the beach towel is what did it for me. I was sold. These things are PERFECT for my Bermuda trip next month!!!



Sadly, Midnight Blues is only available on the Beach Towel, Flip Flops, and the keychain. I had planned on having Midnight Blues as my beach pattern, so that sucks. But luckily I fell in love with Jazzy Blooms before I realized this.

Either way, I win!

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