Monday, October 7, 2013

Going Retirement Crazy...

So VeraObsessed let us in on some 411 that is really shocking. Apparently the folks at Vera are bringing back as well as creating new styles, because they are retiring a whole LOTTA stuff! A few things aren't shocking because they've had a long rack life, but SOME of these things are either BRAND SPANKING NEW or are STAPLES in my and other women's lives (Warning: I will rant at the bottom, and I may curse. You have been forewarned...)

Styles retiring soon:
100 Handbag
Mom's Day Out
Two Way Tote
Grand Tote (WHAT?!?!)
Double Zip Backpack
Ereader Sleeve
Laptop Sleeve
Strap Wallet
Jewelry Folio
Square Ribbon Board
Baby Dish Set

Styles set to retire in Spring 2014:
Convertible Crossbody
All In One Wristlet
MILLER BAG (Holyf**kings**t IS YOU CRAZY?!)
Zip Around Wallet
Small Duffel (*crying*)
Garment Bag
Medium Hanging Ornament
Little Flap Hipster
Checkbook Cover
All in One Crossbody
Mirror Cosmetic


To make things even more cray cray, they are planning to retire the following prints:

Even nuttier...this morning I woke up to a freaking 70% OFF SALE ON VERABRADLEY.COM

WTF it's like they have gone nuts! They are giving shit away like it's set to self destruct in 5 minutes. I feel like they're not even giving some styles a chance! For goodness sakes Cocoa MossLola, and La Neon Rose just came out this season. I know La Neon Rose was supposed to be limited, but come on! I don't even like Lola but I know people who do....this sucks for them.

Baroque, Indigo Pop, and Va Va Bloom have been around for at least a year, so I'm not so shocked, but styles that came out in as many months as I have fingers on one hand...come on guys....

It looks like they're wrapping up the baby line too, both baby prints (Lola and Lilli Bell) are retiring next year. They're keeping Tutti Frutti but are retiring Sun Valley...WTAF, if they're going to retire anything out of that whole line, retire THAT! I love Sun Valley so I'm a little shocked at this....

...but not as shocked as them retiring the freaking MILLER, GRAND TOTE, SMALL DUFFEL, and MESSENGER BAG! Why?!?! I could tell that the Miller was always a nice go-to bag. I don't own one, but my co-workers sure do and to say they were not amused was an understatement. The Grand Tote is a GREAT overnight bag, as is the Small Duffel, which is also a good gym bag. I LOVE my Messenger, it holds my life together when I'm commuting to school and running for the bus to go home. These styles are so practical that they BETTER have something to knock my damn socks off to replace them. I'm DEFINITELY buying some shit before they retire.

I don't know guys, what do you think? Are you excited for new styles (I'll talk about those later)? Are you upset about some of the items on the chopping block?


  1. I used to be really good at knowing what was current and what was retired, but things are happening so fast now my head is spinning. I'm just thankful I live near an outlet! I've started to think, "Why buy that new when it'll probably be on sale in a few months?" Unless I GOTTA have something right away, which still happens all the time :)

  2. I know! It's like they are going 100 miles per hour and we are trying to keep up! Someone else said the same thing too, that there was no point in buying new prints if they'll just be retired in a couple months!

  3. REALLY enjoy your blog! Glad I found you! 2 things: 1: HOW can they retire handbag 100? It's their iconic, started it all bag!! Unless I am wrong, that now leaves only Mandy to have quilted handles, which are something I know many love! 2: I love the look of La Neon Rose and was hoping they would use it to make something I could use. Too bad. I could see it really becoming a favorite. Have a good day!

    1. Glad you like it ^_^ Yea the handbag 100 shocked me as well! Who gets rid of their iconic style??? Very interesting and confusing decision if you ask me. La Neon Rose did not have a chance to shine, it's a shame they won't give it a chance :-(

  4. My BF and I said the same thing....may as well wait for patterns to retire before buying them if they're going to retire so soon. I can't believe they're discontinuing some of these styles!!! WTH!!?? I'm not real pleased with the colors as of late either!!! I want more RED!!!!! Thanks for your blog, I too love all things Vera and am totally obsessed!! Glad there are others who share my obsession!!! We need a support group!! LOL!!

    1. Exactly, there's no point in spending top dollar for something being discounted in a matter of months! Oh I would love more red too! Lately its a lot of pinks and purples, and while I LOVE those colors, other people aren't as crazy about them. Maybe next fall?

  5. i love my 2 Way Tote in Dogwood. i would love to have this style in future prints, for sure!!!!! im a bit distressed over it!!!!!