Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring 2014 Preview...Oh Em Geez...

Well, the past few days have been pretty live in the Land of Vera! Why, you ask?


As of yesterday, the Spring 2014 prints will be previewed in select Vera Bradley stores. Thanks to the fabulous VeraObsessed and lisalovesverabradley, we all were able to sneak a peek...and I am confident in stating that these prints are FABULOUSSSSSS!!!!

Prepare your bodies for:

Julep Tulip


Blue Bayou


Can I just say WOAH? Firstly, this has to be the first time that ALL the prints released for the season dazzle me. Usually each batch has one print that I'm not too crazy about, a.k.a. prints I HATE (Tutti Fruiti, Lola, etc.) but I have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS about this batch! That's not to say that no one else will have gripes (my sis thinks Citron should be called 'Kiwi-tron'...she's 12 btw) and I can totally see it, but I'm not averse to any of these.

A first. 

My absolute favorite at the moment is Clementine. How can it not be? It's totally gorge! It looks like a print I can take out on a park picnic and have a glass of lemonade with. The colors scream "Springtime", and the interior is equally beautiful. It reminds me of snakeskin, with the diamond pattern. HOWEVER...Julep Tulip is giving Clementine a run for it's money. These colors remind me of my BFF's wedding colors (that berry-like purple and the olive green)...I'm wishing this print came out LAST year, she gave us gifts that coordinated with the colors, and a cute cosmetic pouch or accessory would have gone nicely, I think.
Can you see it???
Now, this Blue Bayou for some reason reminds me of Hawaii....when I think of the word 'bayou' I think of Louisiana...and this print, to me, is more of a 'lagoon' if that makes sense. 

But word definitions aside, this print is very striking! The white flowers and leaves seem to pop out against the bold blue background. Its definitely a print I can see at the beach or on a cruise vacation...anyplace with water.

Now if I had to rank these based on the color schemes, Citron would be considered my least favorite of the 4. I like this print and would definitely consider it for a wristlet or traveling tote, but when you compare it to the other three, it definitely falls behind. With that being said, Citron has it's plus factors: it would look great against a pair of jeans, and I for sure can see it being used for a work tote; the dark grey wouldn't get dirty as fast as the others. It definitely jumps up the ranks when you're rating them for practical use. 

Each bag has an interior to die for, very complimentary and if you were so bold you could rock the bags inside out and no one would know. 

All in all I'm very pleased with the upcoming prints...Clementine is supposed to be getting an extra-special preview again in December so stay tuned, fellow citizens!

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  1. ooooh I really like all four of these patterns! It's been a while since I can say that I like them all as well! (:

  2. I have blue bayou and i love it so pretty.

  3. @Teresa - I know! For once I can see myself wearing all of these patterns with my clothes!

    @lovedove - I want to see it in person! I know it has to look amazing!

  4. Thanks for the shout out!

    - Admin M

  5. Hi there....just found this site. Do you know when these patterns will be released?

    1. Hello! They released Spring patterns for this year in January, so I'm guessing that'll be the same for next year.