Thursday, November 14, 2013

Seeing Summer 2014 on Glenna

So my girl Donna blessed me with some sneak peeks of the Summer 2014 prints! And she gave them to us in the form of Glenna! The Glenna is a really good go-to bag for everyday activity. Not too big, but plenty of space inside. There is a Glenna in CaMa on my list that I'm HOPING Santa is looking at ;-)

Remember when I said that sometimes I needed to see the prints on merchandise before I can make my final judgement? Weeeellllll I had to in the cases of Flutterby and Petal Paisley. Here is the original preview:

aaaand here they are on merchandise:

When I first saw Flutterby, it didn't really call to me. I recall saying I had no real comment on it, and that was true. It seemed like something I'd buy for my 12 year old sister. Purple, purple gave me a toothache. I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it.

Looking at it now, I do like it. It's adorable. It screams SUMMERTIME. I can see it in a park at a barbecue or even poolside on a really hot afternoon. The dark purple background tones the sweetness down a little so that saved it.

Will I buy this? Probably, but again, for my sister. I have my eye on another print. Would I keep it if it were gifted to me? Absolutely!

Now, Petal Paisley...this one was a little tricky. When I first saw the preview swatch, I compared it to a survey print from a few months ago that I liked. In my head, I kept seeing the survey print instead of the actual Petal Paisley print.

When I actually took time and looked at PP again, I wasn't too jazzed about it. It was very busy for me, and once again I had to hold my opinion until I saw it on a bag, or wallet, or something!

Looking at it now...I may or may not be in love. It reminds me of Ribbons with the color scheme. I see the dark blue background, the pinks, that teal green, and white.  I bet when we get the actual swatch for PP they will have the same colors. It's the colors that are doing it for me. You all know I don't love paisleys, but it's the colors they use in them that make the difference.

Fanfare I still love! Vera is in need of a new black and white pattern, right? The last one was Night and Day(I'm not counting Camellia, there was a lot of grey in that), which is now retired. Night and Day was black and white and that was IT.

Well Fanfare fits the bill! It's style is what I like to call  fancy-pants, it's quite elegant, to me at least. Yes, it has a small splash of yellow but it's still simple enough. I can see this being a nice accessory print for a nice night out. It's very subtle, not busy like some of the others.

Unfortunately she didn't have a photo for Flower Shower. I haven't see it on anything right now it's still thumbs down for me. I didn't like it when I saw it, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised :-)

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