Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hybrid Theory

Holy moly, this winter is CRAZYYYYYY. Snow, snow, EVERYWHERE...

...and I'm over it.

Even though Vera has released their Spring '14's a loooooooong way until the season really gets here. The winter season is not good if you're my wallet. Why? Because while avoiding the arctic weather outside, I'm staying indoors with nothing to do but browse and shop.

I have a serious shopping problem. I've trolled ebay, Poshmark, AND Vinted for Vera for the past month...and have gotten so much I've been giving "late christmas" gifts to relatives so I don't look crazy. Somebody help me LAWD. Am I the only one who has lost their minds in Vera-land?



So I know I've been a lurker in Vera-land these past few weeks (grad school is hard!), but I've still been keeping tabs on the goodies! I have to say, this Vera/Disney partnership is SO WIN with all the cute stuff they've come out with so far...
Prices aside (because the folks at Disney seem to think us regulars shit diamonds), these patterns were so danmn beautiful, people were having sword fights to get their hands on them! And who could blame them? If I had the money, I'd brandish my sword and say en garde with the rest of them!

The best part about the Vera/Disney ship are the hybrids. They are beyond fantastic, and have a tendency to make me like patterns that I normally hate. Where's Mickey? was a Lola hybrid, with Mickey heads replacing the interior chain pattern, and then sprinkled throughout the exterior glyph pattern. The colors alone made me love it; that green/pink/white over brown color scheme the original Lola had was not the best. This blue/turquoise/lime green over navy blue was hottttttt!

So yea, we (and I mean me) have been waiting on pins and needles for the next hybrid...and here it is! And even better, who else to put me on than my Vera-Godmother VeraObsessed (luv ya!!!)!

Hold on to your effing hats...

Apparently, this lil doggie made it's way around social media tonight, and I for one am just speechless...because I was so wrong about Flower Shower. I admit, I was not a fan of it (still kinda true), but even I can admit that with a Mickey head thrown into the mix, this print has changed! This hybrid gives a pattern I loath a second chance for me! It's such a summer print now, it's like my eyes have been opened!

What do you guys think? What other hybrids do you think are coming out????


  1. Found your Vera blog while surfing about. Not being a huge fan of th mouse house, I'm not that into the hybrid patterns. What I'm really wondering, in your experience...since we have new colors coming out, when will the older patterns start to infiltrate the sale area on line? I've had my eye on the medium hanging organizer for 6 months now, but I want it in someting like Olivia Pink or well almost anything but what they have on sale right now. Somehow I just can not justify 42.00 for the thing. 30.00 maybe, 24.00 SURE, but not in the patterns currently.

    1. I agree, some of these prices are a liiiiiittle too steep! It seems like certain patterns have a run of about a year or so before being put up for retirement, while others last for a couple years. It depends on the popularity of that color.

      Now for Olivia Pink, my guess is that they may consider it for retirement sometime next year...I'll definitely keep my ear to the ground for it since I would definitely reap the benefits of a drop in price for that print!

    2. Update: Olivia Pink most likely will be retired next month!