Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Breast Cancer Blunder

Many thanks to FinleytheWestie, I TOTALLY forgot to talk about the Breast Cancer Foundation print situation that was going down a while ago.


As we all know, Vera Bradley has a selects a pattern that will represent their Breast Cancer Foundation. A portion of the purchase of anything in that print will go to breast cancer research. They've had 11 prints represent the cause so far, Pink Elephants being used twice as it was resurrected this past November.

So for a little while, it was believed that the new BCF print was going to be Petal Paisley, it made sense since the color scheme was exactly the same as Ribbons, just bigger emphasis on the played down colors of Ribbon (less blue, more green).

HOWEVER....that wasn't the case. Petal Paisley was released with no additional fanfare (*snort* get it? Fanfare? I crack myself up), and we were all wondering what the dealio was.

Around this time, a slew of talks about hybrids started popping up, and the focus was more on the Disney hybrids of Mickey's Hidden Petals (Flower Shower hybrid) and Bouncing Bouquet (Clementine hybrid) .

But wait a minute! Why are you talking about hybrids when the original topic was breast cancer awareness prints????

Well, I'm talking about hybrids because that what the new print is. As a result of the hooplah over the other prints, the true BCF print was a little overshadowed (at least in my opinion). Well.....here it is:


This print is a pink version of Heather. So not a total hybrid, more of a re-coloration of a former print. Not a new technique on VB's part, but a good one. I am sooooo feeling this print! Supposedly this is coming out when the first batch of fall colors are released in a few weeks....

So, who's feeling the new print?!?!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fall 2014 Sneak Peek

Soo I know I've been MIA....my bad. In my defense, school has taken over my life, and in 3 weeks I get it back (thank goodness!). Even as I type, I'm sitting in class...listening to my professor drone my time away.

It's a sad situation.

But nevermind all that, Fall 2014 has made an appearance!

VeraObsessed has graciously shared the wealth with these pics of the new colors! Meet:

African Violet

Ink Blue

Moon Bloom

Ziggy Zinnia

Soooo I'm really into Moon Bloom and African Violet! They're different, like a breath of fresh air. I was honestly getting a little overwhelmed with seeing paisley prints every season.


Enough already. I like some of them....but we need a break. Just sayin.

Also, when I first saw these new prints, I instantly recognized Ziggy Zinnia and African Violet from survey pics that popped up last May (I posted about them here and here). Both posts are about two different surveys.

African Violet was then known as "#10" and I wrote:
"...are pretty florals, but nothing to go crazy over."
At the time I couldn't really appreciate the different elements of the pattern. I didn't notice the cheetah spots in the background either. This pattern kind of blended in with the other 7 floral patterns in the survey. Oops.

Ziggy Zinnia was a part of the second set of survey pics. Some people actually thought they were phony...guess not! It was known then as "#1" and I wrote:
"It's different...a little OD on the neon green."
 I stand by that. I don't really like this one. even the chevron in the background can't make me like this print. The colors hurt my eyes...they came from the same color palette as Tutti Frutti...and I hate that print.

Looking at the old survey prints, I spotted something else...we have seen Moon Bloom before as well!!!!

The colors are different, but the pattern is the same! they tried to sneak one by me...ha! This was in the first set, known then as "#16", and I said:
#16 makes me think of pop art, the outlines, the bright colors, etc.. I think I like it...but I probably won't want to buy it on anything.
They changed the bright colors and calmed them down to a nice pink, green, and white scheme. I'm loving it! Here's a closer look at the changes:

 I felt like I won something when I realized that...I'm such a clown lol.

The only newbie of the bunch is Ink Blue. I like that one too. Very mosaic-like, and very different that things we've seen lately.

What do you all think of the new Fall 2014 colors?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to ItLoV!

Soooooo one year ago today, little ol' me sat down and started a little ol' blog about a brand that captured my interest. One year ago today, In the Land of Vera was born!

One year ago today, I began my rambles about Vera Bradley; the prints, the items, and the sheer joy I got when news came about! I met some new people with whom I could share my love/obsession/fangirling with, and it's been a blast!

In honor of ItLoV's 1 year anniversary, I'm posting a super post about all the things that have been going on:

First thing's first: the summer release...it seems like it came super fast. Last year's summer release was in March too, but I think it was more in the middle of the month...I dunno maybe time is flying by for me because I've been so engrossed with schoolwork and my day job's work....*sigh* one more semester...
Anyways...Summer 2014 was released and it was all that I'd wanted it to be...

Yes! Fanfare, Flower Shower, Flutterby, and Petal Paisley are here! Now that we have official swatches, my favorite out of the group is hands down Petal Paisley, it's the new version of Ribbons to me, but only in the sense of the two prints having the exact same color scheme. There is nothing wrong with that, because I loved Ribbon's colors, so now I won't have to scramble and stock up when Ribbons is retired....unless they decide to retire Petal Paisley in 3 months like they've been doing recently (remember La Neon Rose y'all?) What's your favorite print guys?

But now that we're on the subject of Petal Paisley, I'm super disappointed that it's not going to be the new breast cancer print. WHY NOT? Who the heck knows, according to my VGM VeraObsessed, it's supposedly one of the new Fall 2014 prints. I'm mad at this, because Petal Paisley would have been PERFECT since it's another version of Ribbons, the current breast cancer print. It just would have made sense.

Speaking of Fall 2014 prints...in due time people. I think they're still under wraps so I'll wait till I get the OK to talk about them. Let me just say though that I'm excited for them!

Moving on...

The new baby line!!!!!!!

Adorbs! Positively adorable! Gah these are one of those times where I wish I had kids right now, because it's an official fact now that they are planning on discontinuing the baby line in the fall. DEPRESSED. I AM DEPRESSED. Look at these chubby legged little babies rocking Vera! Why would you stop this????

So stock up now (like I will be doing...for the future of course) because come fall they will be goners :-(

Okay...now for a big one...this is a biggie...

Vera has paired up with another retailer to cause me to just make a bed in the poorhouse. They've teamed with UNIQLO to make shirts with Vera patterns.

Okay...so I'm in LOVE with the tunics. I'm a tunic-loving fool, and I can wear them all year round. In the summer with some shorts or over my bathing suit, in the other seasons with a light sweater over it and some leggings. Tunics are my comfy clothes. However...not a fan of the tees. I don't know, they could have done some sort of pattern play with the tees, or maybe just not slap the print on a tee and that's it. The idea works for the tunics, but not the tees for some reason. I dunno.

I'll be back later to discuss more news....my bf's dragging me away from the laptop...



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Ready For It....

So, I'm aware that A LOT of things are happening in the land of Vera right now...and FAST! I'm going to be spamming updates over the next few days to fill you all in...just be patient! Thing's I'll probably cover:

  • The Summer 2014 release
  • Petal Paisley is NOT the new Breast Cancer Print
  • The new baby line
  • Vera clothing for ADULTS
  • Officially new Disney/Vera hybrid
and possibly more..

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hybrid Theory

Holy moly, this winter is CRAZYYYYYY. Snow, snow, EVERYWHERE...

...and I'm over it.

Even though Vera has released their Spring '14 line...it's a loooooooong way until the season really gets here. The winter season is not good if you're my wallet. Why? Because while avoiding the arctic weather outside, I'm staying indoors with nothing to do but browse and shop.

I have a serious shopping problem. I've trolled ebay, Poshmark, AND Vinted for Vera for the past month...and have gotten so much I've been giving "late christmas" gifts to relatives so I don't look crazy. Somebody help me LAWD. Am I the only one who has lost their minds in Vera-land?



So I know I've been a lurker in Vera-land these past few weeks (grad school is hard!), but I've still been keeping tabs on the goodies! I have to say, this Vera/Disney partnership is SO WIN with all the cute stuff they've come out with so far...
Prices aside (because the folks at Disney seem to think us regulars shit diamonds), these patterns were so danmn beautiful, people were having sword fights to get their hands on them! And who could blame them? If I had the money, I'd brandish my sword and say en garde with the rest of them!

The best part about the Vera/Disney ship are the hybrids. They are beyond fantastic, and have a tendency to make me like patterns that I normally hate. Where's Mickey? was a Lola hybrid, with Mickey heads replacing the interior chain pattern, and then sprinkled throughout the exterior glyph pattern. The colors alone made me love it; that green/pink/white over brown color scheme the original Lola had was not the best. This blue/turquoise/lime green over navy blue was hottttttt!

So yea, we (and I mean me) have been waiting on pins and needles for the next hybrid...and here it is! And even better, who else to put me on than my Vera-Godmother VeraObsessed (luv ya!!!)!

Hold on to your effing hats...

Apparently, this lil doggie made it's way around social media tonight, and I for one am just speechless...because I was so wrong about Flower Shower. I admit, I was not a fan of it (still kinda true), but even I can admit that with a Mickey head thrown into the mix, this print has changed! This hybrid gives a pattern I loath a second chance for me! It's such a summer print now, it's like my eyes have been opened!

What do you guys think? What other hybrids do you think are coming out????

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Freaking Blogger!

So apparently yesterday Blogger locked my blog for some weird reason, some malware that was supposedly on my archives page...so I deleted it. This would have been fine and dandy if it didn't bar access to the blog for everyone.

What a pain in the ass.

Well I'm back now so no worries ^_^

Here's to hoping that doesn't happen again.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Upcoming Promos - February

Hey guys! I've been a little MIA for a bit, but I'm still a Vera-land citizen!
Here's the scoop for February promos:

February 6th– 13th

Clear Beach Tote & Flip Flops Promotion:
Purchase a Clear Beach Tote ($68) and receive a pair of Flip Flops for just $1
Regular price is $24

Throw Blanket Promotion:
Save $10 on a Throw Blanket of any color
Regular price is $48

 February 14th-17th
Paired Promotion
Receive both a Mandy ($70) and a Turn Lock Wallet ($49) for only $79 (Save $40) 
Receive both a Grand Traveler ($120) and a Grand Cosmetic ($42) for only $120 (Save $42). 

February 20th
Getaway Duffel Promotion
Get the Special Price of just $68 on a Getaway Duffel through March 1st while supplies last. 
Regular price is $88